Car Storage Units in Fairfax VA

It’s easy to accumulate items and run out of space at home. You may also have a number of vehicles that need to be parked inside or outside. If the garage and driveway are full, consider car storage units as an option to safely keep your automobiles.

Fairfax City Self Storage offers clean, secure vehicle storage units that you can utilize to store your vehicle in a safe location for the short or long term. In addition to saving space, there are many other benefits to storing a car in a storage unit.

We have a state-of-the-art facility with the following features and more:

  • Secure access 24/7/365
  • Gated entry and exit points
  • Professional lighting with automatic LEDs
  • 24-hour camera monitoring
  • Clean units
  • Crafted masonry with metal partitions
  • Friendly, helpful, and communicative staff

See what storage sizes Fairfax has available and discover why car storage units are the right fit for so many motorists.

Car Storage Unit Sizes

If you have been wondering what size storage unit to select for a car, the team at Fairfax City Self Storage can assist you. We have several types of car storage to choose from with various unit sizes including:

Each of our storage units that can fit cars are drive-up units that make it easy to leave and return from the facility. Depending on your vehicle’s size, we recommend storing your car in a suitable space with enough room to maneuver and potentially store a few other items.

Car Storage FAQs

Q: What Size Storage Unit Do I Need for a Car?

A: Most small sedans are between 12 and 15 feet long; SUVs are 15 to 20 feet; large trucks are 22 feet or more. Compact cars may be able to fit a 10x20 unit or 10x25 units, while a large truck might be better suited for a 10x35 unit.

Q: Do Cars Need Temperature Controlled Storage?

A: Temperature controlled storage for your car is not a requirement, however, it will help keep you comfortable and may be a great choice for your other storage items. Talk with us about our temperature controlled storage units!

Q: How Do I Store a Car in a Storage Unit?

A: Storing a car in a storage unit can be done in many different ways. Work with us to discuss best practices, which may vary, based on your short term or long term storage needs.

No Hidden Fees

Fairfax City Self Storage doesn’t believe in special payments or unexpected add-ons to the cost of your storage unit. No matter what unit size you select, all you will be required to pay is your monthly rent and a fully-refundable security deposit. You won’t find hidden fees with us.

Contact Us Today

Receive 24-hour access to a car storage unit to keep your vehicle safe. Fairfax City Self Storage is the perfect choice for storing your car and we are conveniently located just off the beltway on Pickett Road. Secure a storage unit for your vehicle today and contact us for more information. You can also call (703) 978-1200 to get started.

Car Storage FAQs
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