If you need dry, clean and secure storage space during your time at college, you can count on Fairfax City Self Storage to be there when you need us. We are located just a few minutes from the major schools in the area including GMU and NOVA. We are ready to help with a variety of self—storage options.

Reasons for College Students to Store with Fairfax City Self Storage

Summer Break, Studying Abroad or For Extra Room in your Dorm

While summer break is great, it also means that you need to move all of your personal belongings out of your dorm room, until you return in the fall. For most students, that can be a big job. Finding a way to haul all your belongings home can be both expensive and inconvenient. Why not store your belongings easily, just a few minutes away from campus? Many students have done this and have found it to be a great option while away from campus.


Renting a truck, asking your parents or friends to make a long distance drive to bring your stuff home is costly and time consuming. Fairfax City Self Storage is the solution for storing your belongings in a secure space close to your dorm or apartment. Your time away from school will be easier and less stressful knowing that your things are safe, close and accessible 24/7/365.

Extra Room in the Dorm

Even during the school year, having a little extra space in your dorm can be helpful. Many students have utilized our facility to store things that they want close by, but do not have room for in their dorm or apartment. Our 24—hour security and unlimited access hours make storing your goods safe and convenient.

Save Money

Fairfax City Self Storage offers college student specials / discounts year round. Please contact the office to get more information.
Studying Abroad

If you have arranged to study aboard for a semester or longer, storing your belongings with Fairfax City Self Storage is a great idea. Upon your return, everything will be safely waiting for you at our conveniently located storage facility.

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