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How to Store Board Games in a Storage Unit

Playing board games for family fun night or having some friends over for a night of friendly competition is a great way to spend time with those you love. Whether you like the old classics or the latest and hottest ones, board games come in many different genres and styles. They’ve been played in all societies and by many different cultures over the course of human history and have held their own against the onslaught of video games and other forms of entertainment that have come along. Based on strategy, chance, or a combination of the two, board games provide a relaxing, fun diversion from everyday life.

But after the fun, the question of how to store your board games should be the focus!

How to Store your Board Games in a Storage Unit

Board games come in many different sizes and usually contain game pieces that come in many different sizes as well. If you have a prized board game collection or simply own a few that you want to keep organized, storing them properly is the key to ensuring they last and continue to provide entertainment for years to come.
Storage units are a great option if you want to store your board games safely and securely. It’s a great way to declutter your home and keep things organized.

Storing board games can be a challenge. There are many different options when it comes to the containers you’ll use when preparing them for the storage unit. Some of the questions you’ll consider include:

  • Do you want all your board games stored together or categorize by genre?
  • Do you want certain games to be easily accessible?
  • What are the sizes of your board games?
  • This is a tough one – do you want to get rid of any games?

When organizing board games, you can keep them in the boxes they came in and stack them on a portable shelf. You can also store them in other types of storage containers or even drawers. Boxes of various sizes are available, and you can stack them within the right sized box. Game pieces also need to be accounted for – because a missing piece can ruin any great board game! You can store them in plastic bags or small boxes and label them to keep them organized.

Temperature Controlled Storage Units for Board Game Storage

Moisture, air, and other elements are not good for board games if you want to keep them as fresh looking as the day you bought them. You want to keep the games that provide you with great memories – along with great times – as pristine as possible. A temperature-controlled storage unit will protect your board games from the elements that can ruin them. Here are some tips for how to store board games in a storage unit:

  • Keep them off the floor – you can place a pallet, plastic tarp, blanket, or sturdy towel under the board game collection.
  • Keep them dry – a temperature-controlled unit is a much safer option than storing them in a garage or basement that are at the risk of Mother Nature.
  • Organized stacking – don’t overload your containers or boxes with too many games and risk crushing or damaging them.
  • Make them easy to access – when you want a particular game and your guests are arriving soon, you’ll want to easily be able to find the games you want. Which brings us to the next and final tip….
  • Label them – Be sure to label the boxes or containers with all the relevant details so you can quickly find what you’re looking for.

Board game storage is a bit more involved than many think, but with a little preparation and proper organization, it’s a cinch!

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Board games can be fun, memorable, and enjoyable for all. Properly storing your board game collection will be one task you’ll be grateful for when playing them with your loved ones and friends. At Fairfax City Self Storage, you can choose from many different storage unit sizes to fit any board game collection.
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