5x10 Self Storage Units in Fairfax VA

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If you’re looking for the perfect 5x10 storage unit in Fairfax VA, you’ve come to the right place. Fairfax City Self Storage is here to provide the affordable, secure solution you’re looking for.

5x10 storage units are a popular choice in Fairfax VA, as they give residents and business owners the space they need to downsize or to store away belongings they no longer use. With a 5x10 storage unit, you’ll have space for the contents of a single room or studio apartment, depending on how many possessions you have. Moving home from college, remodeling, or packing up to study abroad? A 5x10 storage unit may be the perfect solution.

To help you envision how much you can fit in your 5x10 storage unit, picture a walk-in closet or guest bathroom – your space will be about the same size as either of these. You’ll have plenty of room to stand and move around, and 20 large boxes will fit in here.

Many of our clients use our 5x10 storage units to store furniture, appliances and household goods. You can also store twin or queen mattresses, sports equipment, gardening equipment and even motorcycles. Business owners often use storage units of this size to deposit equipment and inventory. Whatever your needs, our storage units offer a safe, clean, affordable solution to storing unused yet beloved or indispensable items.

How Big is a 5x10 Storage Unit?

A unit the size of your large closet or even a small bedroom can hold a lot of items. A 5x10 storage unit bolsters nearly 400 cubic feet, which is big enough for numerous boxes and the household items listed, but also slightly larger items like a dresser or even a refrigerator. Getting the space back you were missing at home is a great feeling, and a unit of this size can make a serious impact on your available room. Consider this type of unit for a wide variety of items and receive access to them, 24/7.

5x10 Temperature Controlled Storage Units

When searching for the perfect 5x10 storage unit in Fairfax VA, there are multiple factors to bear in mind. Temperature is one key consideration, especially for particular items including some musical instruments and certain materials. If kept in cold and damp surroundings or hot sticky temperatures, these items can warp or suffer from mold. A temperature-controlled unit can solve this problem.

Fairfax City Self Storage has competitively-priced 5x10 temperature controlled storage units to ensure your possessions and business equipment are kept in good condition year-round, whatever the weather outside.

5x10 Storage Unit Size

Storage Facility Features

We go above and beyond offering temperature controlled storage units, to meet your needs with storage unit facilities boasting a range of additional features:

  • Free moving truck usage with every storage rental is one reason our customers love to work with us.
  • With elevators in every building, storing large and heavy items is made easy.
  • We keep hand-carts on site, and moving and packing supplies are available.
  • Safety and security are top priorities for Fairfax City Self Storage. We operate with 24-hour security, interior and exterior security cameras, and a single entry and exit point.
  • Our well-lit surroundings offer added security, and auto LED lighting enables convenience for our renters.
  • Our storage unit renters have quick and easy 24/7 gate access to their possessions, entering via a secure key pad gate.

Choose from ground floor 5x10 indoor storage units and second floor 5x10 temperature controlled storage units and in Fairfax VA.

No Hidden Fees

We don’t want out customers to have to worry about staying in budget, so our pricing is clear and upfront.

We believe everyone deserves to know what they’ll pay before they commit. Fairfax City Self Storage has no hidden fees. We simply require a refundable security deposit, and monthly storage unit rent. Additionally, our prices are guaranteed for one year minimum.

Contact Us Today

We’re here to help you store your possessions safely during a move, de-clutter, or make the most of the space you have. Unsure whether a 5x10 storage unit is what you’re looking for? We’re here to help you choose the perfect storage unit size. Contact Fairfax City Self Storage or give us a call at (703) 978-1200 to discuss your needs and secure the best storage solution for you, today.

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