Storing a Classic Car

How to Store a Classic Car in a Storage Unit


Your classic car is no doubt your pride and joy. An investment that you want to keep in the best condition, prepared for those wonderful outings where you can appreciate those unbeatable driving experiences. There are many reasons to consider a storage unit for classic car storage. It is a good option in the winter, when you move home, or as a longer-term alternative to the risky business of sitting your car on the drive for long periods of time. Knowing it is safe, secure, and protected from the elements will give you peace of mind that your classic car will be ready and available for you when you next want to use it. If you are considering storing a modern car, read our guide on How to Store a Car in a Storage Unit.


To keep your classic car in its best condition while it is in storage follow these classic car storage ideas below:

  1. Before storing your classic car, make sure you change the oil and filter. This is because, when left for a period of time, the oil can become corrosive, a cost you don’t want to incur when you bring your car out of storage. Also, ensure you have topped up your fuel so that the fuel tank is less likely to rust as there is less open space, and add a fuel stabilizer to keep the fuel fresh for up to 24 months of no use. After changing the oil and adding a fuel stabilizer, ensure you take your car for a quick drive around the block to allow for the circulation of the oil and stabilizer.


  1. When storing a classic car, establish that it is clean inside and out. Dirt and muck can corrode the gorgeous paint job of a classic car and make scratches and damage more likely, leaving it looking cheap and uncared for. Cleaning the inside of your classic car will detract any pests or rodents from making it their home while it is in storage and should make it unlikely there are any lingering bad smells when it’s time to bring it back out. To take extra precautions, block the exhaustion with steel wool or clean rags to deter pests and leave an open tub of baking soda inside your car to neutralize any potential smells. Covering your classic car with a breathable cloth car cover will also help to protect it from any condensation as well as leaving the windows slightly open to prevent the build-up of moisture inside your vehicle.


  1. Pump up your tires to the suggested maximum PSI, this can be found in the car’s manual and on the driver’s door behind the seat. If you’re storing your classic car long term, consider jacking up the car on jack stands to prevent flat spotting. At the very least use wheel blocks so that you don’t leave the parking brake on as this can cause the wheel pads to fuse to the rotors. Also, make sure to clean the tires with warm soapy water to prevent them from cracking and rotting.


  1. Depending on how long you store your car, either remove the battery entirely or use a battery tender to keep it functioning. If you remove the battery, store it in a safe, dry place that is climate controlled, and recharge it when you need to use the vehicle again.

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Our final tip is to choose a high-quality storage unit that offers classic car winter storage or storage for any other extended period of time. We offer specialized car storage units that are secure, temperature controlled, clean, dry, and dark- the perfect surroundings to keep your prized possession safe and in pristine condition, ready for when you need it.

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